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Out of the newfound time freedom through our work with living water came lots of introspection and outrospection.

We see what WE need.

We see what the WORLD needs.

And we aim to bring them both together.

We all feel it, we all see it.

We are not blind, nor stupid.

We are good hearted people who are passionate about the environment and care about the well-being of All.

We see the need.

Although many of us lack either;

⌚The Time,

⚡The Energy or

⚜️The Resources

to be able to do what we KNOW needs to be done.

We aim to shed light on some of the limiting beliefs we see in the society that we live in.

To open up for a broader perspective so we can give ways for people to be able to take action and be the change.

To share new ways of thinking and operating that will not only be sustainable for the environment and the future, but also for the individuals who choose to be a part of the movement and align with the mission.

The mission is to heal the world.

From the Inside --> Out.

It starts with US!

We will share how we create the time, energy and resources needed.

We no longer have time to cut ourselves off from either abundance or responsibility.

🌎 Earth is calling.

Will you answer?

Paradise Restoration Movement: Text

Finished and ongoing projects

Paradise Restoration Movement: Text

Coral reef protection

We are collaborating with Coral Reeforestation that is rehabilitating damaged coral reefs through coral nursery stations in Indonesia.

Since Paradise Restoration Movement are spreading knowledge and awareness about the water situation in the world and Kangen water machines that has a great impact on both health and environment. We feel we want to have an even greater impact than we already have. So when people invest in their health and local environment through buying a Kangen Water technology through us, they also contribute to Coral Reeforestation so they can plant even more Corals.

For every Kangen water machine sold, we will donate so that 3 corals can be adopted.

For every Trifecta sold (Kangen water machine, Anespa shower, Ukon), we will donate so that 6 corals can be adopted.

For every Quad (2 Kangen, 1 Anespa shower and Ukon), we will donate so that 12 corals can be adopted.

If you would like to donate directly to Coral Reeforestation you can klick the link: 
Coral ReeForestation - Saving Reef is Our Belief

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Paradise Restoration Movement: Bild

We have built a forest in India

A collaborational project with the deeply passionate "Treeman". For every new active member in Paradise Restoration Movement we are planting 100 trees on this land.

Paradise Restoration Movement: Portfolio

Insect City

We have built a huge insect city that we are going to keep on expanding. On Eco Agroforestry Center in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Paradise Restoration Movement: Portfolio

Fruit forest in Småland, Sweden.

We are building a fruit forest for biodiversity and for our members of PRM. For every new active member one fruit tree is planted here.

Paradise Restoration Movement: Bild

Super Adobe house

We are building a Super Adobe house in collaboration the organisation Planta Panta Tree. On Eco Agroforestrys land in Sweden.

Paradise Restoration Movement: Portfolio
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