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Living water

My health journey has been a long one and I stopped to believe in solutions..

But when I got the water technology without any expectations of getting results... I mean, I had already tried so many other things.. why would this work?

It took me by great surprise.

I have a daughter, she was 1 year old at the time and woke up many times through the night, I bet you can relate to the physical and mental effects of sleep deficiency?

One evening, I caught myself running around in the house, playing, adventuring and actually being a fun mom!?

Since then I observed myself more and more behave like the mom I always had such a bad conscience about not being able to be because of fatigue and physical pain.

The more time my body got with the water, more and more symptoms started to decrease and for the first time in my life actually... I felt ALIVE. 

Of course I started to wonder why that could be! And the nerd within me woke up with huge ambition to learn everything about this.

This Japanese medical grade technology creates water that is simply mimicking the conditions in springs that already exists in a few places on earth where the water has been called "The miracle water". 

Many springs exists world wide, still people have through history been choosing to make a pilgrimage to these few and there are strong reasons for that.

Below you have some interesting videos to watch. I will be happy to have a free consultation call with you in Swedish or English if you want to speak more in detail and see if this is a good fit for you.

A short 14 min run through by me.

A Long one if you want to understand more why this can be such a grass root problem solver.

Text, whatsapp or email me to book a call:
+46 725 70 15 53

Living Water: Om oss
Work with living water?

I have now been working with living water for 3 years and have been spreading this technology world wide with my team. This has created an extremely independent lifestyle. 

I choose where I want to work, when I want to work and how much I want to work. I don't need to ask anyone for a permission to have vacation in my own life and it is an income that really has no limitations when there has been effort put into it. 

If you feel this is something for you too, to be a part of our team, with support from us, building life on your terms. You can watch the video below.

Would you like to see more?

For those of you who want to dive deeper before a call with me where I can answer more specific questions, I link some valuable videos below.

Living water and the intestines

Living water and the brain

Shan Stratton is the health coach for the world's highest paid athletes, they all use this water. Here he talks about how it helps the body to improve performance.

Lets talk more in depth about you and your questions!
Or I will help you to make an order.

Text, whatsapp or email me to book a call:

+46 725 70 15 53

Join my facebook group where I post more information about the water and other super interesting health related stuff, seminars etc.

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