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To create a lifestyle where you can work online with something that benefits both health and environment.

Hello! My name is Sanna. 4 years ago I had been chronically ill for 10 years and was on maternity leave with a strong desire to create a new life for me and my daughter. Today I am completely healthy and working with something that is the most important thing we have on our planet and that gives our life tremendous freedom on so many levels, physical, mental and financial.

I had missed the most important thing we have

I was chronically ill and thus had no energy whatsoever to create an alternative lifestyle that could free us up more, despite having been on a long life journey of detox, various diets, supplements, treatments, you name it. When I came into contact with this, I realized that I had only focused on the measly 25% that make up the body, the material itself and the nutrition. So I had missed the most important 75% that we consist of the most, WATER.

I never thought I would get the results I got from something as simple as water?!

Results that would give me such health and energy that I can now work wherever I want, be free with my daughter a lot and still have the opportunity for an income that does not really have any limitations if you have those ambitions.

My disease called ME for me consisted of being extremely tired all the time, chronic pain, severe menstrual cramps, poor skin and hair quality, sleeping poorly, irritation, depressed mood, poor night vision, fungus, candida, poor nutrient uptake. ME is a name for something that I think simply comes from an acidic, inflamed and overoxidative body. No matter how hard you try to eat yourself healthy, it is very difficult if you are constantly dehydrated. 

92% of the population is dehydrated

There are many studies out there that show different percentages of how dehydrated we are in the world. No matter which one you find, the percentages are sky-high. There are many different doctors in the world who work with almost exclusively to first and foremost before any other action is done, give patients a hydration program. Among other things, there is the book "You are not sick, you are dehydrated" to read. Another doctor who was in prison helped 3000 prisoners over the years with their health problems, only through water. There is an incredibly deep and advanced world to dive into in terms of water if you are nerdy, however, this has not been really welcomed in our mainstream medical care yet and therefore few people know about this huge factor for disease.

Living water

Many people do drinking more tap water to help health. However, today it is difficult to absorb tap water to the level we need to be able to be fully hydrated. All the processes of the body depend on the water that is in the deepest parts of the cells, this water has a negative charge.  Unfortunately, tap water has a strong positive charge, which means that the water cannot travel all the way into the body and thus we do not absorb it as we should. Tap water has received its positive charge from chemicals, pipes, pressure in pipes, stillness, etc. 

Living water is negatively charged and is formed by constant movement, electricity from the ground and minerals, that which are contained in springs and mountains. For most people, we feel directly in the body when we hear the word spring water that it feels good. However, unfortunately, if you put spring water in a bottle and leave it still, the living properties are soon destroyed, although it is often cleaner than tap water. Even if you have a filter that removes chemicals, that doesn't mean you have healthy water, it just means you've reduced a couple of chemicals from the water. 

As you can hear, this is a fantastic and big topic but LUCKILY you don't need to be or become an expert in living water to be able to create yourself a freedom-based life. 

A Japanese medical water technology that makes tap water into the most potent spring water

About 60 years ago the japaneese invented a technology that mimics conditions found in a few places on Earth where the water is called the "Miracle Water", there are only 4 of these sources left on Earth. Here, the water is so potent that people have since the beginning of time made pilgrimages here from all over the world to drink from it. In the toxic world we live in today, we need such strong potent water to be able to withstand the oxidative processes our bodies are involved in.

Working as a distributor for this technology is super easy, you don't have to have a warehouse or stock of any kind, the only thing you need is a computer and the internet and you can create an automated system that allows you to create more and more time for what you want to do in life.

You get access to an educational platform, you get to join Facebook groups and chats with us other distributors, so you're never alone in this. There are always people to collaborate with. Being able to work wherever you want, to spread information about the most important thing we have on earth and to be able to devote more and more time on your passions is the best choice I have ever done in my life.

Here you have a webinar that explain more about everything. Start with this and we can talk more about in a conversation how you could fit this into your life, because whether you have a lot or a little time, this is adaptable for everyone. Contact information to me can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Presentation by me, first part about the water, second part about the compensation plan.
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Empowering relationships

On this journey, I have made friends for life where we are not only friends but we become each other's coaches who constantly inspire and challenge me to dare to take the next step in my entrepreneurship but also in my private life.

Deep personal development

To work as your own in this, fully responsible for how far you can get in life, you always face various obstacles. It is at these obstacles that you get a development opportunity. When I think back to who I was 4 years ago, I hardly see the same person anymore, I see someone who is free inside.

Team work

When you work in our team, you always have people close at hand to get support, help and support from. Even if you get to work all by yourself, it is so incredibly nice to be able to relax in a community where you get away from our habits of always having to do everything yourself.

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Contact me

If you feel this is the right thing for you to apply to your life on a large or small scale, get in touch.

I have a hard time answering calls just like that, so it's best to text me if you want to call and talk more: +46 725 70 15 53



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