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About me


Hi! I am glad that you want to know more about me, I am curious to know who you are as well and why your intuition lead you here.


As long as I can remember I have never seen obstacles, only solutions. We face many huge issues of the world, but all of them... we can solve together. This is the attitude I will always start from.

For you who are into astrology, I am a capricorn, virgo and pisces. And then capricorn again in almost all of my planets. So you understand that I am an extremely focused human being on the mission I am on.

To be honest, most of the time I find life and being here extremely boring.. except from when I can work and solve world issues and spend time with my daughter. 

Being together with like minded is very important to me and I often get very bored by doing things that is only out of amusement.

Since I am pisces in my emotional life, I am very good at sensing where other people are in their emotional life, this gives a very empathic side to me outside of that being almost a machine for accomplishments.

But I think that is exactly why I am so driven... because I feel so deeply what humanity, life and mother earth needs and that gives fuel to my deeply determined actions every day.

Sometimes it feels like I was sent here to this planet on a very precise mission. I have been thinking many times, why am I otherwise here?

If you are not into this kind of lifestyle, you probably wonder what the heck I am talking about.

Don´t worry, I am not religious and I am not crazy... I am just very open to all possible truths about who we really are.

Enough with the personal aspect of me, this is more what I do practically:

Earthly Intentions which is my own company where I distribute water technology and coach my team and other people in their business journeys. 

Paradise Restoration Movement which I am a co-founder of, here we have the environmental projects. 

Waters Alive I have together with my partner, there we focus on environmental solutions for bigger companies.

Flower Of Life Kids Foundation This is still currently in the making. Me and a couple of passionate friends who also have kids are starting our own school here in Sweden, south of Gothenburg.

About: Gör skillnad
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