Earthly Intentions

Hi! My name is Sanna I am the founder of Earthly Intentions and a co-founder of Paradise Restoration Movement.

We see so many people out there that really wants to do something about the situation we are in environmentally, but the  lack of time, recourses and health makes it harder for people.

That is why we in Paradise Restorations Movement has come up with a way for people that want to work for the environment to actually get out there and do it and get payed at the same time so they can make their passion their full time income and more. And for you who want to have location freedom, you can do this solely online too.

If we connect and work together, the speed to help earth and humanity to live in harmony can speed up many times.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to work with me and the team, go to the tab "Work with us?" to see more.

Or click around to get a bigger picture of what I actually do, the projects we are running and the companies. foundations and organisations I run or collaborate with.

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Empowering relationships

When you spend time with people that shares your drive, passion and dedication, very strong and empowering bonds are created.

Deep personal growth

To create a new earth is not an easy task, through solving issues, not giving up and being out of your comfort zone, personal growth is inevitable, and it is an amazing journey!

Team work

Having people around us that supports us in hardships and that helps us in the projects that we need to do for earth is deeply important. Then we can achieve so much more.


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